Search Engine optimization could be a highly regarded topic in the World Wide Web. After all, everyone desires to rank higher and is available up on the first page of Google search and obtain more traffic. I even have known and created a list of prime 10. SEO practices that I tend to forget quite often. These easy SEO techniques if practiced properly will create a major difference on how my pages are hierarchical in the search engine queries. Do you know How to write a catchy title for search engine optimization?

  1. Use program friendly permalinks. Search engine the URLs don’t have ‘&’, ‘?’, ‘!’ etc. characters.
  2. Do not use session id in URLs.
  3. Use tag clouds.
  4. Use internal linking when possible and appropriate.
  5. Analysis the target audience and aim the site content suitably.
  6. Use proper anchor text for interlinks. Don’t use ‘here’ or ‘there’.
  7. Use a keyword in Title tag. [<title>Put your keyword with title</title>]
  8. Don’t use the miss-typos keyword.
  9. Use keywords in anchor text.

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