Google Launches Live Label In Carousel For Live Blog Publishers

Google officially launched new live blog schema for publishers to communicate when they are “live blogging” events and topics.

Google announced that the red live label Google was testing over a month ago has gone live in the form of live blog

Google is now allowing publishers to mark up their content with this live blog schema, in order to communicate to Google that the content is a “live blog” format. Google will then reserve the right to display the live label on the content in the publisher carousels section.

Google said this is available today for publishers, saying, “We are making the markup that powers these live blog carousels publicly available.” Publishers interesting in exploring this can review the live blog schema. The Guardian, the Washington Post, The Telegraph and platform provider ScribbleLive are already participating in this.

Here is a GIF showing it in action:google-live-label-in-carousel-for-live-blog-publishers

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