5 SEO Technique you should stop using immediately

When you are doing SEO you have to be careful. The techniques that used to be a waste are now required.

We have to be reminded what works and what doesn’t. These five techniques could be hurting your website.

  1. Spammy Guest blogging:

Earlier this year, Matt cut came out with an announcement that sent panic through the web community.

“If you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2015, you should probably stop.”   Guest blogging is still a viable option for improving SEO, brand awareness & even building your anchor rank. However, you need to very careful how you execute your guest blogging strategies. Use guest blogging with caution signal.

  1. Optimized anchors: Initial days, SEO used anchor texts with keywords to improve in SERP. But today using optimized anchors is like asking for a penalty.
  2. The quantity of links over quality: Link building is one of the important technique in SEO, Quality of backlinks is must to improve in SEO ranking. Purchasing backlinks is quick, easy and very cheap. But that ruin your site, especially if the below is true,

The site that links is penalized.

You receive large no of such links in a short span of time.

Buy/sell backlinks is a violation as per Google SEO guild lines.

  1. Keyword heavy content: In older days, Keyword stuffing is bad tricks. Now go on long tail keywords, instead, publish more articles with longer content.
  2. Depend on link backs instead of content: use a link-back strategy, but keep it balanced with the entire set of SEO – Content marketing, social media marketing & onsite optimization.

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