Affordable Transactional Bulk SMS Services In Bangalore

Transactional Bulk SMS Services In Bangalore

Transactional Bulk SMS Services In Bangalore

Bangalore adsolutions is One of the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider In Bangalore. Our mission is to provide a specialized, reliable, high quality, hassle free sophisticated Services which are cost saving. We provide Messaging Solution’s to every industry like Travel and Logistics, Education, Healthcare, IT Companies, Transport, Telecommunications, Insurance, Banking, Real Estate, E-commerce, etc. Transaction SMS is a message which are sent to your client to go on information important for using your product or service. These messages is generally meant for passing important info such as Alerts, Notification, Information to the registered customers.  Transaction SMS are delivered to DND (Do Not Disturb) numbers as well.Bangalore adsolutions Provide the Affordable Transactional Bulk SMS Services In Bangalore.

With changing times, the definition and ways of SMS promotion have undergone a drastic transformation. And a part of this transformation is the rising importance of transactional SMS. Big Companies, industries and marketing people are now not just restricted to sending normal promotional messages when it comes to marketing their products. Taking into account there are ‘n’ number of benefits constituting delivery of alerts and information, they have switched to transactional messages as a means of promotion.

Transactional Bulk SMS Services In Bangalore

Transactional Bulk SMS Services In Bangalore

The Importance and benefits of transactional SMS

There are numerous benefits of transactional SMS because of which it is considered of great importance by various industries across the nation. Some of the major benefits of transactional SMS

Quick delivery

This can be touted as one of the biggest benefits of a Transactional SMS. No delay means it can be used effectively to send any urgent information to customers.

Useful tool for alerts

It is used as a tool for sending timely alerts. From e-commerce websites to railways, most of the industries in India use this SMS service for sending alerts without any fail and in a timely manner.

Open 24×7

A transactional SMS remains open 24×7. This allows a sender to send a message anywhere with no restriction in terms of time. A user will surely get the message unless his phone is switched off. One of the major benefits constituting transactional SMS is that they can be sent anytime, anywhere. There is no time restriction on these messages as a result of which users get notified about every single alert and information on time.

Access to DND listed customers

While Promotional Messages have no way to reach customers who have opted for DND (Do Not Disturb), a Transactional Message has an easy reach. With transactional messages even DND (Do Not Disturb) service listed customers can be reached out and sent timely information.

Flexible Platform

Either send a handful of messages to a targeted group or send thousands of SMS messages to your entire list. A great SMS marketing service makes it easy to customize your text message campaigns to the needs of your SMS subscribers. Create a promotional message or a quick industry update; SMS truly molds itself to whatever the needs are of your business. Also, many SMS services easily integrate into your other online marketing strategies.

 Instant Opt-In and Opt-Out

With the advent of short codes, opting in and opting out of your SMS stream is, like everything else associated with SMS – instant. Unlike other opt-in or opt-out options, there is only one step, and besides entering a mobile number, there is rarely any personal information required up front. In the SMS marketing business, you want to make it as quick and simple to opt out as it is to opt in. This simplicity helps keep subscriber satisfaction high.

Prompt delivery of information

The biggest benefit of using transactional SMS as a means of promotion is that quality information can be delivered promptly to the customers without any sort of delay. This comes handy especially when urgent immediate information needs to be sent to the customers.

Template based 

One can easily get the template of such messages and can create the one to suit his or her specific needs. All that he/she needs is an approval of an SMS Service Provider. Since transactional messages are template based, numerous templates can be created. The sender only needs to get approval of the SMS provider, subsequent to which he is all set to deliver informative messages to a large set of audience.


Unlike email, SMS doesn’t have to battle against spam or other email filters. If anything, SMS is more of a direct connection to your customer base than any other marketing strategy, and there aren’t any barriers.

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