Yahoo Image Search Adds Personalized Photos From Your Flickr Collection‬

Flickr users can now search Yahoo Image Search and find images from their own personal collection or their friends’ collections if there are relevant pictures.

Yahoo announced they have integrated Flickr photos with Yahoo Search so that when you are logged into Yahoo, and you have Flickr photos in your account, Yahoo Search will personalize the image search results with your photos and photos from your friends.

flickr-logo1-shutter-ss-1920-800x450Yahoo said, “if you’re signed in, your search will display personalized results from Flickr, including a selection of your own photos, images from people you follow and top public photos on Flickr.” The photos will only pull from your Flickr photos if you have images relevant to your search.

I did a search for [danny sullivan] without being signed in and with being signed in. You can see in the signed-in version, I have photos of Danny Sullivan that I personally took and uploaded to Flickr, as well as images from my friends in Flickr of Danny Sullivan.

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