10 Secrets to increase your organic reach on Facebook

10 Secrets to increase your organic reach on Facebook

10 Secrets to increase your organic reach on Facebook

As the amount of content created and shared online every day continues to increase, competition in Facebook’s News Feed also continues to rapidly grow. This makes it much harder for content creators, including small businesses, to gain exposure in News Feed.10 Secrets to increase your organic reach on Facebook

Publish Ever Green Content

Freshness isn’t just Google’s ranking factor. The life of a post in Facebook News Feed is also dependent on recency. If you publish timeless content, then it will be useful for your audience for longer periods. They’ll keep liking and commenting on your post.

Due to this increased engagement, the Facebook algorithm will ensure that your post gets distributed further and that it appears in feeds for longer periods. Boost post durability with evergreen content.

Every time your readers like, share or comment on your content, Facebook’s algorithms learn that they, and other people like them, want to see more of what you are posting. This, in turn, will increase your organic exposure.

Get To Know Your Facebook Insights Inside And Out

Test your content often. Dig into your Facebook Insights like crazy. Get to know each page of your Insights inside and out.But don’t just read the data. Learn from it. Learn what each metric means and how to interpret the numbers.

Use Organic Post Targeting to Serve Relevant Content

Facebook’s organic post targeting enables you to deliver your content to the audience most likely to engage with it. In other words, Facebook gives you the option to target your content to specific groups of fans.Facebook offers eight options to set your target: gender, relationship status, education level, age, location, language, interests and post end date. Select the targeting options that will help you zero in on the right audience for your content.

Publish Regularly:

If you share content on the regular, it’s going to be difficult to improve your Facebook organic reach; but you won’t succeed if you’re harassing your followers every five minutes with new content. Like with everything else, you’ll have to find some middle ground so your audience neither forgets about you nor gets tired of you.Think about it.if you publish valuable content on a regular basis its more likely for your publications to reach more different users with whom you’ll generate larger interaction and Facebook will give your company page priority for appearing in your followers’ newsfeed.

Show People You’re Listening And Paying Attention

Nobody wants to go to a Facebook page, leave a comment, and then hear crickets. Instead, they want to feel special!Real people want to connect with other real people. They want to know you’re approachable. Most of all, they want to know you’re paying attention to your page.

Once they know you’re listening, they’ll be more likely to visit your page and engage with your content again.When someone takes the time to interact with your page, acknowledge it. Even if all you do is “like” their comment, you’ve still acknowledged it.

Carefully Select Your Posting Times

There are lots of opinions about when the best times of day are to post on Facebook for maximum reach. Some marketers will tell you to post at peak times when most of your audience is on Facebook, while others will tell you to post at off-peak hours. The truth is that your Facebook Insights can tell you your best times to post on Facebook. One strategy is to look for those times of day when the largest percentage of your fans are logged into Facebook, and then look for holes in those hours during which your competitors aren’t posting as much.

Because you can’t be posting all day everyday , make it easy for your visitors to share your content to Facebook for you with the Facebook Share Button. It’s a great way to get additional exposure and drive new traffic back to your site.

Use the right images

Using the right images can help you increase organic reach on Facebook, and this platform favors the organicreach of publications which contain photos or images with the exact dimensions recommended by the social network

Add calls to action

Calls to action >are also essential for improving organic reach as you directly encourage your users to interact with your content; this is positively taken into account with Facebook’s new algorithm. But in addition to increasing the number of actions, friends of your followers will also see your publications therefore increasing the percentage of users reached.

Post more links.

Links posts are more likely to get better interaction and engagement than just text or image post.

Image-only posts used to be more popular on Facebook before. Now, links posts are getting more traction, especially if your KPI is CTR where link post triumphs over all form of post types.

Publish native Facebook videos.

Videos provide solid engagement. Though difficult to produce, they are considered the best form of content marketing material a business can offer.The results and statistics from different businesses complement this fact very well. Facebook video posts have more than 135% organic reach than any other post type.

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